Swift Project Launch

June 26, 2012

Thomas Gentry is standing in front of a house on a sunny day wearing a protective mask.

AIM Team Leader Clarke Snell is standing in the homeowner's front yard with a flashlight on his head and a clipboard in his hand. Thomas Gentry stands with the homeowner on her front porch. She is holding a gift basket.

Socially responsible architecture runs deep at UNC Charlotte. Join Dr. Thomas Gentry's SWIFT weatherization program for low-income housing. Thomas also generously donates his time and expertise to help the AIM Team!

Architecture professor Thomas Gentry and College of Engineering professor Rob Cox launched their SWIFT program this week, with work on the first of 800 low-income houses that will be weatherized over the next 14 months. The SWIFT project is funded by a grant from the US Department of Energy. See more.