Summer Session Week 2

May 31, 2012

The AIM Team is gathered around a table in the studio deep in thought.

All five groups worked on their designs for Charrette 1 over the weekend. Today, each group had a desk crit with Mona, Ben, and Valentina and continued to refine their designs for tomorrow. We also decided, as a group, to skip the phase in which we narrow it down to three designs. Instead, we will go ahead and narrow it down to one design. This will allow the engineers to work on the systems of the building sooner.

This was quite an eventful day! First, each of the five groups presented their projects to the group. All groups had some really compelling ideas. We can't tell you guys about them yet! But, we definitely have a lot to work with. We decided, as a group, to move forward with Clarke and Gill's schematic design. We ended the day by breaking up into four groups moving forward: technical systems, construction & transportation logistics, aesthetics, and graphics. We are all doing precedent studies of past winners in our respective areas of focus. Great work today guys!