Summer Session Week 1

May 24, 2012

The AIM Team is gathered in their studio listening to Mona, the lead architecture professor.

Hey everyone! We will be giving day-by-day updates of our activities in the Solar Decathlon studio! Let's recap our first week of Summer Session 1:

On Tuesday, we met as a group for the first time. Mona walked us through the expectations of the class and the tentative schedule. The objective of Summer Session 1 is to finalize the schematic design of the house we will be bringing to California. For the rest of the day, the architecture students broke off to individually investigate precedents of past decathlons. The engineering students met as a group with Mona, Ben, and Valentina to discuss their plans for the semester.

For the next two days and over the weekend, we broke up into five groups for Charrette 1 after discussing the theme of our project. We established that the theme will be A.I.M. (Adaptive, Integrated, Modular). These five groups have worked hard to develop spatial organizations and how they tie back to the theme and Charlotte. Ideas for innovative technologies were also discussed within these groups.