Clarke Snell

Clarke Snell is a graduate student in the Master of Architecture program at UNC Charlotte. He has a background in low-tech, high performance building systems for residential construction. He has written two books and numerous articles on alternatives to current industrial construction methodologies. Most recently his focus has been research, development, and popularization of low-carbon footprint building systems. In 2010 he was part of the design-build team that created the Nauhaus, a house in Asheville, NC designed to the Passivhaus standard that utilized 16” thick hempcrete walls, quadruple pane windows, an innovative passive ground loop preconditioning coil for the ERV air intake, and many other features that make it one of the most high-performance, low-embodied energy (“natural”) buildings in the world. Visit the Nauhaus website here. Since returning to school at UNC Charlotte, Clarke has worked in the Laboratory for Innovative Housing under Professor Thomas Gentry. On the Solar Decathlon project, in addition to student leadership duties, Clarke’s focus has been design and implementation of the geopolymer precast wall system. He intends to continue this work in his master thesis.

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Project Manager